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Video Production

I direct and produce video content from from start to end. 

Client: Konstanz Univesitiy 

Project: European Researchers Video 

Konstanz, 2019

Client: Jelena Fuzinato

Project: Art Installation, Video Documentation 

Berlin, 2019

Client: ZDF/ 3sat

Project: Ally Klein, Bachmanpreis Video Portrait  

Berlin, 2018

Client: Vanesa Brazeau

Project: Flex with Dax 

Berlin, 2018

Personal Project

Project: Nasua

Colombia/Peru, 2017

Client: Speakeasy Gmbh

Project: House of Wonders

Berlin, 2017

Client: Syracusae Band

Project: Exoplanets

Bogota, 2016

Client: Kill Emil

Project: Give Up 

Berlin, 2016

Personal Project

Title: Is it possible to argue with an animal?

Weimar, 2015

Personal Project

Title: Morisukio

Colombia, 2015

Client: Jan Frisch

Title: Hier mag er es gern

Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2014

Personal Project

Title: ¿Qué te dijo que debías hacer?

Bogota, 2014

Client: Throne of Brotherhood

Title: Lo que quieres ver

Bogota, 2013

Client: Throne of Brotherhood

Title: Destruye tus limitaciones

Bogota, 2013

Client: Kill Emil

Title: Don't Let me Down 

Bogota, 2012

Client: The Worst Situation Ever

Title: Empty Chronic 

Bogota, 2011

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